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Sequoia. Organic Cotton Men's Bathrobe

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Sequoia. Giant in the tree world. Guardian of the forest. Seed from the fire. Threads above the starry sky. Roots deep into the mountains. Quiet, strong and eternal. Feel its power and wisdom and bring your hidden potential to the light of day.

An elegant and luxurious bathrobe for people of inner strength. Frame your inner fire with the softest fabric. Relay on the sense of safety and cosiness it gives. It is a SEQUOIA collection designed to provide luxurious comfort for wearing after the shower or bath. It offers a gentle and plush feeling against the skin. The bathrobe's fabric is ideal for staying home, to feel safe and free, to warm the body and to delight the soul.

Our exclusive collection proudly unveils its sumptuous premium bathrobes. It is a limited edition meticulously crafted to wrap you in a gentle, warm embrace. Draped in the luxurious softness of our bathrobes, you'll unearth a profound sense of comfort and tranquillity that ignites something beautiful within you.

In collaboration with Portugal's esteemed home textile producers, our premium bathrobes are meticulously woven from the highest quality organic cotton in Portugal, embodying an eco-conscious choice that aligns with your values.

Our steadfast commitment to excellence shines through in the highest standards of design and production and all essential certifications. Each bathrobe within our exclusive collection proudly carries the OECO-TEX Standard 100 (9774CIT CITEVE) certification, guaranteeing that it meets the most stringent criteria for quality and environmental responsibility, preserving both you and the environment.

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